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Increase the Value of Your Organization

Work with a team passionate about building businesses not building a business.   The Sharpstone Group maximizes your technology investment in ServiceNow and the Now Platform.  The capabilities of ServiceNow go far beyond ITSM and can be leveraged in every area of your business.  Contact us today and sharpen your business; Always have an edge with the Sharpstone Group.

Sharpstone has over 50 combined years of experience in IT and ITSM and has worked with ServiceNow since Aspen.  Our promise is precision solutions for your business.   We get to know your business intimately and are relentless about focusing efforts that align with your strategy.  

The company was founded in response to observing many failed, broken, over budget, or value-less engagements with 3rd party consultants and implementers.   Why pay a premium for a big ticket name?  Pay a premium for quality.  The Sharpstone difference comes from both being accountable, and holding the client accountable for success in any engagement.  This is characterized by deep requirements gathering, aggressive scope control, and candid and open communication.

Sharpstone can assist you at any stage of your project, but the best returns will be realized by engaging our group early.  Sharpstone will evaluate your team, processes, and desired outcomes to tailor solutions, technology, and strategy to meet your strategic, operational, and budgetary needs.

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